December 20, 2017

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Muscle strains are the cause of back pain in most instances.  Strains are actually stretched out muscles or muscles with small tears in the fibres.  A soreness, or stiffness can be felt in the back, which will worsen with any type of activity, even small movements can increase a painful reaction.

There are exercises and stretches that will help with strengthening the core muscles or the back and around the spine.  A strong, supple back will be able to perform more effectively in all circumstances.

Useful Links to Help Strengthening the Back Muscles and Relieving Back Pain:

10 Tips for keeping your back and spine healthy:

Find tips that will help you keep your back healthy and your spine strong and supple.  A strong back can support the whole body better.

Exercises to help keep your back muscles supple and strong:

Try out these easy exercises for a stronger, healthier back.

More exercises that will help strengthen the muscles around your spine and therefore strengthen the body’s support system.

Stretch Routines for the Back:

Practice this two minute stretching routine for your back muscles.  This stretching will relieve pain in the back quickly.

These stretches will relieve pain in the lower back area.  Doing the stretches regularly will eventually have strengthened the core of the back and will alleviate the pain.

Relief from Back Pain:

These instructions on how to do stretching and exercises in the correct way will also help with the relief of back pain.

Find a different set of exercises and stretches that will alleviate the painfulness of stiff and strained muscles.

Follow the instructions for exercising and stretching the back muscles to keep them healthy and operating in the way that is expected from a healthy, strong but supple back.