December 20, 2017



The back, consisting of muscles, ligaments, tendons, hundreds of nerves and more than 30 bones, is the support system of the whole body.  Having so many movable parts used with every action of the body, also means that it can develop as many problems.

Women, especially, can be susceptible to pain and problems because they carry around extra weight, like purses, handbags, grocery bags, and a kid or two, during their daily doings.  Many people gain weight when they find less and less time to exercise, or even go for a walk.

All of this, lack of exercise and carrying more weight, will cause the back muscles to weaken.  With the weakened muscles, the back is more vulnerable to developing problems.  Any type of jolting or repetitive movement, and even just sitting hunched over for long times on end, can cause back problems.

When attempting to start an exercise program again, special care should be taken to not pull muscles in the weakened back.  Other muscles in the legs that have strains or stiffness can also cause problems and pain in the back by putting extra stress on the back.

Back Issues are usually easier to control and resolve than the general thought may be.  Pinpointing the cause of the problem early on will help to determine what type of treatment will help, and will then also help prevent the problem from flaring-up again in future.