HGH Injections vs Supplements. What is better?

Whether you are a teenager, an adult, a sports fanatic or someone striving for anti-aging benefits, human growth hormone, commonly known as HGH, will be the buzz word around you. Since its synthetic formulation in 1970s, HGH became one of the popular growth products among all age groups. Today, there is a wide array of HGH products and releasers available in stores with varying formulations. Among the most common ones are injections, pills and oral sprays, all of which are easily available in stores and online.

Before you consume any HGH supplement, you must have good knowledge about them. They do not have the same effect on everyone and can negatively affect you if you take them without guidance. While HGH injections are known to be the most efficient formulations for bodybuilding and anti-aging in the least possible time, oral pills are much safer than injections. Here is what you need to know about injectable and oral HGH supplements

Deciding between an injection and a supplement seems easy, however, you must take a few things under consideration. Firstly, you need to understand how well the HGH non-injectable product will work for you and more importantly, how your body will react to it. Over-the-counter oral growth hormones, for instance, will go direct to the stomach, interact with the digestive enzymes, and next thing you might know is these substances destroying the potential benefits of the product even before it can reach the bloodstream worldhgh.com HGH for sale.

If you are someone who is suffering from growth hormone deficiency, based on consultation with your physician who will most probably run blood tests on you, HGH injections should work best for you. If, however, your HGH levels are slightly deficient, then the Sermorelin injections will work best for you. Let’s compare both HGH injections and supplements and see which one is better:

Why HGH injections?

  • HGH injections are efficient because they yield results in lesser time than pills
  • They come with most concentrated HGH formulations
  • They are suitable for bodybuilders as well as for people seeking anti-aging solutions that work
  • Among all medications available for HGH, injections are the most effective

Why Not

  • HGH injections are believed to have the most adverse side effect of all HGH formations
  • These are known to cause sudden changes in bodily functions and cycles, which could result in many problems
  • Not everyone can afford these injections due to being highly expensive
  • They are not suitable for all age groups. You need to consult your physician to learn if it is suitable for you
  • They could prove to be life threatening for people suffering from heart and liver diseases

Why HGH Oral Spray & Pills?

  • HGH supplements are the safest among all formulations
  • The over-the-counter supplements are available at economical prices
  • The benefits they yield could be the same as injections, however at a reduced risk
  • Supplements could be safely used by all age groups
  • Unlike injections, you do not need a prescription for HGH supplements.

Why Not

 There is a big question mark on the efficacy of supplements because HGH molecule is too big to be absorbed through sprays. Pills are not effective either as peptide bonds of growth hormone are completely spoiled in stomach.

It is not advisable to take HGH injections without consulting your physician. On the other hand, even though there is no prescription required for the oral HGH supplements, you must do your part in terms of research before you decide what is best for you.

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