Easy Steps to Turn Your Mattress

To prevent from sagging the bed mattress especially in areas where you sleep the most must be flipped or alternately turn it to sides. This is to make sure that the materials of mattress are well settled. But nowadays, there is a proper way for you to maintain and achieve a longer lasting bed mattress that you own. Instead of flipping the bed, rotating is the new technique that’s advisable.

Rotating the bed mattress

The purpose of rotating the bed m

akes a whole lot of difference but above all it keeps the mattress more durable and long lasting. Keep in mind that if you opt to do this on your own, you might find it cumbersome and hard to do everything. However, with a few tricks and tips you won’t have to worry about spending another pile of cash just to buy a new set of bed mattress. Be sure though to choose the best memory foam mattress topper, or else you risk to have the worst nights ever.

To know more about turning your mattress with a technique and tricks, here are the following.

Consistent care of your bed mattress


  1. check for instructions- it is always important to refer everything to the manufacturer’s guidelines in terms of caring for your mattress. If you have the mattress for a quite a few months, this need to be turned around frequently as possible to settle its materials. If there are no further instructions about turning the mattress, then you may do so. More so, if you happened to have mattresses with pillow tops at the side, these are most likely not allowed to be flipped but it can be rotated.

  1. make a rotation reminders- depending on the kind of mattress that you own and its manufacturer. Keep in mind that you are only allowed to rotate a bed mattress twice for every three months and often it is hard to remember which way should you go next. Sketch a reminder on an index card to make sure that you are reminded with the next rotation. This include the details of the date and when is the next rotation month. In this way, you wont be confuse.
  1. re-position your bed- if necessary, consider re-positioning the bed mattress to assure the quality of its materials.

Prolonging the shelf life of the bed mattress

  1. stripped your bed- either you’re flipping or rotating the bed mattress, it is important to clear out the area to avoid further accidents and sheet entanglement.
  1. position your mattress- in order for you to fully rotate the entire bed mattress is to maintain proper positioning at all times. Keep in mind that most mattresses are high density which means its heavy. Slowly slide it to the side and lift it up then lay it back to the bed frame.

Flipping and rotating the bed mattress do come in handy if you want to prolong the durability and convenience in using it. This takes not more than 10 minutes or so to adjust and rotate the bed mattress. You can always have the option as to which variation should you decide is best for your mattress.